La Nueva Industria
del Agua del Siglo XXI

The New Water Industry 
of The 21st Century


It is our mission and objective to research, develop and design products that offer a changing impact on life, providing something truly valuable to humanity. A combination of science and technology. We are an ethical company correcting the mistakes of the past and providing creative and innovative solutions for the future already present.  We improve the quality of life of people. We provide drinking water of clean and fresh quality, far exceeding the sanitary conditions demanded by the authorities of all countries. We reduce the global carbon dioxide footprint, we take care of the environment by eliminating bottles and plastic containers and we obtain and offer water where it does not exist, where it can not be found.

Victor Fernandez

Victor Fernandez

President & founder of Teexmicron


Carlos Ortiz

Carlos Ortiz

Director & Partner Teexmicron America


Water Cicle


Water Quality Structured Hexagonal Water

  • Protect your health and the environment from micro plastic waste
  • Natural balanced pH
  • Destroy bad bacteria
  • Reinforces the good bacteria. It hydrates plants and gardens with lower consumption
  • It helps to prevent the pipes from getting dirty by removing the calcareous deposits
  • Prevents and eliminates oxidation and corrosion
  • Improves the health of the skin and hair
  • Avoid dry skin and itching
  • A greener grass is obtained using less fertilizer
  • It has no chlorine or chemical additives
  • Improves the ability of plants to withstand very low temperatures
  • In lakes and ponds, fewer algae grow and keep reservoirs cleaner for fish breeding
  • Improves the health of pets and all living things
  • Improves the collection of plants and vegetables. Increase in biomass

Sustainable building, Water building and Water tower, is the only building in the world in its class, with technology patented by TEEXMICRON, which extracts excellent quality drinking water from the atmosphere.

Last generation buildings architecturally designed in biomimetic and inspired by the shape of a giant drop of water falling from the heights.

The technology TEEXMICRON Water System, obtains potable water extracted from the atmosphere by condensation of the relative humidity of the air, getting pure and fresh water of high quality water every 24 hours, similar to the glaciers of more than 17 thousand years.

To this is added the use of renewable energies, so that the WATER BUILDING AND WATER TOWER hotel, generates NETZERO energy, that is, it produces more energy than it consumes. All with LEED international certification.

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BSIF BUILDING SYSTEM INTERNATIONAL FRANCHISES provides the hotel industry with an integral financing and construction service for the sale or rental of hotels, as well as specialized control and management support in the management of green hotels.

BSIF was born with the aim of creating a niche in the hotel business that is little known, modernized and optimized not only the hotel industry to unsuspected limits.

At BSIF, with our green hotels, we defend the idea that by incorporating economic requirements into environmental measures and relieving the pressure of innovating, which is a key success factor that must be maintained. The integration is fundamental.

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